Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Rush rush rush!

Well 5pm Sunday rolled by and nothing happened. No phone call, no owls, no skywriting. We were at our Will & Heidi's house in Petaluma rolling up some D&D characters. After checking my phone every 5 minutes for 2 hours I realized I didn't have a signal. I rushed outside and called my agent, sure enough they had called her and liked our offer.

Except for one thing.

They wanted 17 days to close escrow, not 30.


Well, except for two things, they wanted to make sure I was a real offer. Like that I had all my financing in order. Which I didn't, totally.

So Monday morning I rushed around like a madman talking to my loan broker, calling my agent, Meredith and my parents keeping everyone in the loop. At the end of the day we were set. Now all we had to do was have the listing agent finish up their counter offer, we could sign it and send it back. Then we'd be in escrow and get the house the day before Thanksgiving (!!!!!)

Except one thing. In the interval between our verbal acceptance of the counter, and us getting a copy of the papers to sign (my cell phone died, they had fax problems, it rained frogs) another offer had come in on the house.

Oh shit.

Tuesday was a loooooong day. Wondering if we would get in a bidding war (in this market?!), or whether we could even match them. The idea of looking at more houses, waiting longer, watching mortgage rates creep up, didn't leave us very happy.

Then at 4pm, our agent called. They'd chosen us, no need to counter, the paperwork would be to us and signed and back to them that same day.


More phone calls on my new phone (email me if you need the number, it's different than before) to keep everybody informed, and then we waited for my agent to come over and give us the papers.

Everything in order and back on its way to the listing agent. At 10:41pm we received confirmation that we were in. Escrow started this morning.


Then I spent most of the day at the 'new house' with the housing inspector and getting more paperwork photocopied and filed.

The bottom line is: Whooohooo! We're getting a house. We get the keys sometime near Thanksgiving, we're hoping for before but it could be after.

Photos at my flickr page.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Home sweet wait.

We've made a bid!

Now we wait.

It's really hard to wait, after so much waiting and looking.

But we should know one way or another by Sunday night.

Tentative house warming (fingers crossed): Saturday 12/8 

More when we know it.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Wait, then freak out, then wait, then freak out...

Ah homebuying. We wait almost a month with nothing looking promising, and then bam the 'perfect house' shows up. Perfect in that we can afford it, and it has 3 bedrooms, and that it's not totally nasty inside.

The bonus is that it has a giant, humongous yard. With mature fruit trees. We will hopefully make an offer tomorrow.

I'll post details if our offer gets accepted.

Cross your fingers for me.