Thursday, October 06, 2005


My current favorites:
DiggNation The latest episode actually made me snort soda through my nose at work. It's super-geeky and lightly obnoxious, but the bit about the sheepherder using wifi almost killed me.
Security Now
Sparkletack, which I haven't tried yet, but looks really interesting. It's history bits about San Francisco. I'll be listening to it during my commute in tomorrow.

Obligatory Car Shot #2 7:45 AM this morning

The view from my office window after a hot indian summer's day.

My new office, not quite setup.

Sweet Zombie Jesus

Here's yet another reason why the internet rules. Zombie Simulator

And now a series of links:

1 Bloglines is a great way to keep track of your favorite websites or blogs. I love it mainly because I surf across 4 different machines, and bloglines keeps me straight.
2. Best car geekery Blog I've read. I love this guy's writing. If you like old cars, or odd ball car/mechanical related stuff, read his blog. Also he has Heelers so you know he's all right.
3. Trane's blog while he's teaching in Japan. Funny, well written and beautifully photographed.
4. And even though Flash may be devil spawn this game is terribly addictive. Actually all their games are. Warning: may lead to lost productivity and a tendancy to mutter

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

New. Shiny. Green.

Originally uploaded by ScottyJ.

Eep! Shiny!

I did it. I pulled the trigger and got a newish car. I can't wait to pick it up (which I will do tomorrow morning at 7:30). Oh to have climate control again, and a lack of deafening wind noise. I'll even have 5 whole gears to use. It'll be bliss.

Here's a picture.