Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bathroom at Free Mind Infoshop

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This weekend!!!

A couple of quick shoutouts:

9 AM - 1 PM: Petaluma River Cleanup! Come help pick up garbage on the luverly P-town Slough. Edith-E in all her rotting, bio-diesel burning glory will be in attendance as the garbage-truck-boat. If you are nice I'll even toot our new air horn! Thanks for the biodiesel Spring & Todd!

6PM: Free Mind, the radical infospace you've all been waiting for is having it's grand opening! Come see Art! Food! Hats! (no promises about the hats) 546 Pacific, Santa Rosa Directions!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Mmmm...fresh baby.

Merediths new living room! She sitting with our friends even newer baby.

Moving day at my office (4/15)

Spring time in SF

Jodi in a nice hat.

My pretty dog. I miss him, he's in SF now.

Tray and Table I liked.

Still life by Meredith

Art Clock

Art Bull.

Mmm Food. Maggie food.

Heidi eats food.

Big Bill and his wonder dog Ruby.

Birthday Boy in a pretty dress

David's 60th, guess who's who?

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Walter's Birthday, David's Birthday

Last weekend was a blur of birthday parties. My very tall friend Walter had his party in Noe Valley with an after party in the mission. Lots of B-Man people, and some 'crazy' costumes, and really good steak. I saw a suprising amount of P-town regulars, and got to hang out with Laurel & Andy. Also I saw my dog, which was great as he knocked me down and licked me. Laurel let me play with her powerbook for a bit (I'm thinking of getting one this year) and I think I like it. I haven't used a Mac since the original, but I'm beginning to see the appeal.

The next day while those from Walter's party stayed up all night and went sailing, I went up the mountain to David and Maggies for David's 60th. The house was packed, and there was piles of great food (citrus glazed pork loin, salad, cheeses, breads, mushroom/oil/sundried tomato stuff, roasted red peppers, mmmm...), tea, booze, and lively conversation. Here are the photos...

Busy times...

As I look at the calender, I suddenly realize I'm getting all booked up for this month. Upcoming events y'all might be interested in:

Body Worlds 2 in San Francisco Go look

April 16 (DAY): Barrel Tasting at the Crane Melon Barn. The Crane Family began growing grapes a couple of years ago, and their first crop is ready for the drinking. Music, food, booze, what more do you need?

April 16 (Evening): 4 Chicks: Photography by 4 women photographers openning at Boomerang in P-town. Art, Food, Booze....

April 23: Sylvan's Birthday Party, details to follow

April 23: Butter & Eggs Day in P-town, and if you are like me, you get the hell out of dodge. I'll be at Sylvan's anyway.

May 1: May day has got way too much going on. Here's a partial list:

9-3: 11 Annual P-town River Clean Up (yup, Edith and a crew of lackeys will be joining the kayaking hoards to pull crap out of the river)
(12-??) Free Mind Media of Santa Rosa will be having their Grand Openning/Art Show. If you support informed dissent please go and check out what they are doing.
Nomeansno is playing at Slim's that night. I'd go, but they are playing in P-town on the 5th, so I'll see them where I first saw them lo those many years ago.
There is also a green building homes tour over in the east bay, and there should be May Day events in SF, and other places. Check your local listings.