Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Spring! Yay!

Spring fever has been hitting me big time. All the birch trees outside my office windows have just leafed out this last week and the green-ness of the green is blinding. I love it. Gary and I have been going on lots of boat trips at lunch. We just got back from a nice one today. It was calm and warm out, lots of good bird sitings, but I don't know my birds (look thats a big one! ooo a small one!). Now I'm back at work which is not quite as nice. Work has been pretty stressful this last week, and I don't see this changing much over the next few months. Sigh. So I've decided to occupy my off-time with things other than work. Here's a list:
Learning AutoCAD
Learning to administer our linux server w/o emailing miles with every question.
Learning to sew properly
Building a hyper-portable, guerilla computer for the revolution.
Fixing my folding bike.
Giving more time to things I like, like FMMG.
Getting my 501 (c) 3 paperwork done.
paying my bills on time.

There's also the standard projects of, getting and keeping my car running, building bookshelves for M and me. Taking more photos, etc...

Friday, March 18, 2005

Whooboy...GTD and 43 folders

So I'm jumping on the bandwagon...well maybe not jumping on, but I'm running along side and I'm thinking about jumping. David Allen's Getting Things Done, and has me thinking about restructuring my organizational 'system.' In other words, I will be creating an organizational system from scratch as my current system relies on letting my mail pile up until it falls on the floor at which point I kick it under my desk. M turned me onto the whole 43folders thing a little while ago, but I didn't really check it out at first. Ironically, I was too busy scrambling from one emergency to the next at work. So this week I finally checked it out, and started trying to be more aware of how I organize (or don't) and how I manage my projects. So far the simple suggestions are working well enough to make me want to dive into this more deeply. I'm a little less wary about this method/meme than others because of the popularity among the truly geeky (those who love plaintext and CLI). Most people I've met who fall into the category of the truly geeky tend to eschew complication, and fluff. What I intrinsically like about elements of GTD is that it focuses on how we process information/tasks not what new software will fix it. It seems more process driven than product driven. That being said, many of those (me included) who follow this stuff have a serious office supply fixation, so a little shopping is in order. But! The shopping is for the lo-fi cheapy stuff: 3X5 cards, manila folders, labels. That appeals to the luddite in me..ok I'll stop there.

Bottom line: The process seems to have merit, and I'll let you know how it goes.

Zelia Dancing

Photo Friday: Glow

This weeks photo friday entry: Glow

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Looking Southwest towards 680

Lichen on Brechia

Big Lizard

I can't remember this flowers name...Blue Dick? I think.

Poppy and Rocks


Solano Co.

I spent the day out in Solano County for work, and lemme tell ya: This is the perfect time of year to go for a hike. Everything is green, and blooming, and pretty. It was warm, but not too hot. I would recommend Rockville Park for some great rock outcrops, and good views.

In boat news: The Edith is back up and running. We got some new structural pieces in, and a temporary fuel tank, so river tours/cleanup will be on for the summer! Yay! This weekend Laurel will be staying up here, and playing in the yard, poking the cat, and making fun of Kirby (who is also putting in a guest appearance). I'm hoping to get both of them out on the boat on Saturday. It should be fun.

In political news this week: Free Mind Media ( got a space! I'll steal the paragraph off of the web page that miles put together because it explains them best:

Free Mind Media is a distribution point for radical alternatives to mainstream media and information, and a community center. Our mission is to create a proving ground for radical ideas, and to foster a culture of resistance dedicated to progressive social change. We are very proud to announce the opening of an infospace and radical library in central Santa Rosa. Please come by our space, check it out, and give us a hand getting settled in.

I've been working with them off an on over the last year and a half, and they've achieved their long held goal of getting a space. It'll open sometime near 4/1, and there's plans afoot for a big grand openning art show/snacks/thing on May Day (5/1). They're at 546 Pacific in SR. Check them out.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Foggy morning boat.

A bird Laurel made for a show in London. Very neato. The wings are some mica-like material that glitters, but you can't see it in this photo.

Andy slaving away under a deadline.

Neon in the Mission

Pills, Pizza, and Pictures

Last night I went down to SF to hang out with Laurel & Andy. They are under a deadline to produce 3 "pill portraits" for a show in NY by tomorrow. I brought Fargo (who loves the Mission) and some movies. Laurel gave me a showing of pictures from the last few weeks they spent in India, and they were beautiful. Lots of good monkey pictures. Then the four of us went out for pizza, and a digital camera discussion. Then we went back to their apt, and they went back to work and we all watched I <3 Huckabees. It was a nice time, and I hope they have a good show in NY. Good luck!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Restaurant Review: SEA

Had lunch at a brand new restaurant here in town today. It's called SEA (for South East Asia) and it promised thai food. I was pretty excited to see it go in, because I've gotten completely sick of all the other restaurants within walking distance of my office.

The menu offers a decent variety of appetizers, entrees, and noodles. The lunch menu is limited compared with dinner, but the lunch specials are very well priced. $6.50 will get you a choice of appetizer, a salad, and a choice of entree. I ordered from the non-lunch-special menu because I wanted Pad Thai. Boring yes, but I like to order a standard dish to see how different restaurants compare doing the same dish. So Pad Thai with Prawns, spring roll, and a soda. While waiting for lunch (I didn't have to wait long) I soaked up the atmosphere. The interior is very nicely done with lots of color, plants, and decent chairs. The large windows admit a lot of natural light which is a nice change from the other Thai places in town that seem to shun daylight. The food arrived, and it was good. I'm not sure I've had better Pad Thai. The noodles were a bit mushy perhaps, but they always are. The prawns were properly deveined, a detail that is often overlooked in other restaurants I've eaten at. The carrots and bean sprouts were warm but crunchy, and the flavoring good. It's not spicy Pad Thai, but it was good. The portion was generous, and there were a lot of prawns (not 5 or 6 like in some other restaurants in town). I ate half and still have plenty for dinner, but I tend to eat small portions. Laurel could clean the plate I'm sure. The presentation of my dish, and the others I saw was first rate. The service was excellent, and very interested in what I thought of the food. My server actually said "We are just open, and if there is anything you'd like to suggest we'd love to hear it." I complimented the food and made one suggestion. I wish all places that serve prawns would take the tails off so you can eat them with the dish not pick through and bit/pull them off. He wrote this down and thanked me for coming. I'm definately going to eat there again. I imagine it's not the best thai food around, but it's more than passable, and many of the offerings are unique.

Self improvement....

Ride my bike more
Eat less crap
Take more photos
Print the good ones
Whine less
Keep house cleaner
Take dog for more walks
Go hiking
Go camping
Hang out with my friends
Foster Zen-like patience at work
Get the boat running
Clean up the river
File for non-profit
Start job hunting
Teach Sylvan how to ride his new bike
Bring flowers to Meredith
Regain focus
Bring pie to Laurel
Update blog more often

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Boring old blog = chaotic life

Ok, my health has not been so robust lately so my blog has been suffering. Nothing serious, just that my immune system seems a little rundown so I've been picking up all the availble bugs out there. Thus I miss work, which leads to working long hours (and weekends) in order to catch up, which leads to more sickness. Arg....I had a great combo of food poisioning and flu and heartburn and migrane on Thursday night. It was super. Now it's Saturday and it feels like my body is trying to purge the last of the chemcial cocktail I subjected myself too. But it's beautiful and warm outside...while I type this from my desk at work. Damn.

On the plus side, I got the rims I really wanted for my BMW for cheap. My old rims were beat up and were ugly even when new, so these 'new' (to me) rims make my car look much better. One step closer to making it the car I see in my dreams. Tomorrow I should be picking up some seats which are much nicer than the torn up saggy things that are currently in it. Then with the next paycheck I'll get the brakes sorted which will allow me to drive it again. Yay! I like progress. I like playing with old cars, I don't know why, but I do.

And in boat news: I've decided to try and save the Edith. Gary has moved on to new boat projects, and new boats which will make the workflow/decision making process much easier. One boss, one wallet: Mine. Of course the amount of work needed is a little daunting, but I'm trying to stay the course and fix only what is really necessary while preserving the other bits. Right now I'm getting ready to shore up the back of the cabin where the old fuel tanks were. They were supporting a lot of the scabbed on sections (unintentionally I think) and now they are gone so it's time for new wood! Once I get a new cross-beam in, and the paneling put back on, then I'll reattach the floor for the pilot house and hook up a fuel tank, then she'll be ready for more light outings. At some point I'm hoping to bring her down to San Rafael where I can haul her out and patch up some of the worst of the structural problems and leaks. I may end up berthing her there as well (depending on insurance requirements) for location convenience (close to a shipyard, hardware/lumber stores, the bay, etc).

River cleanup plans are still being made but I've been lagging on the 501 3(c) paperwork. Work has gotten chaotic internally, so I'm trying to polish my resume, and plan for my next step should I decide to move along. Lots to do!