Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Birthday Addendum

It's looking like a lot of people will be busy on the 27th. So I'm thinking about switching to a daytime bbq/arbitrary gift day to the 28th (Sunday). RSVP me whether or not you can make it on Sunday. That is all.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

To Quote Ice Cube

Today was a good day.

It's funny, I stayed up far too late last night, there was another accident on the curve just above our house, and subsequently slept in 'til 10:30. Which meant I woke up with a blinding headache. I feared it was going to be another wasted Saturday, where I didn't get anything meaningful done, but also didn't do anything fun. As it happened I was wrong on both counts!

I got up and went to the Recyclery in San Rafael (well, first I got coffee..) and looked for parts for my folding bike. Didn't find much, but that's best because I don't have much money to spend at the moment. There are some really nice bikes down there right now for small people. I almost bought M another bike cause it was so rad, but she loves her bike and it would be presumptious of me to diffuse that love.

When I got home I spent a couple of hours working on my folder. Lemme back up a bit. Last night I spent almost all evening (after working 11 hours) fixing up my covy of bikes which have been neglected for too long. I had run into some problems with the folder that had vexed me all evening. Today I solved all those problems in no time at all! A little application of a torch and voila, it is done. Then I spruced up the paint some to stop the rust until I have a better sense of what it's aesthetic should be. After that I ate some lunch and took some aspirin (head still pounding), and started cleaning. Before I knew it, it's 9pm and my house is cleaner than it's been in...well since a girl lived here. Laurel's mom (my landlord) stopped by in the afternoon and we had a long pleasant talk about the house, my plans for moving (which she was very supportive about, something I was uneasy about bringing up), and life in general.

Also I found a good cheap source for some anime I've been wanting.

Also tomorrow is Sunday, which means Meredith-Day. Yay! I forsee a nice bike ride along the Sebastopol bike path, then lunch, then lounging around watching anime, maybe a nap and tea.

I hope you had as good of a day as me.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Don't trust me.

As of 8/26 I'll be 30. I'm having a rare celebration of my birthday that Saturday, come by the house, we'll bbq, drink beer, etc. Put it on your calendar. Presents are REALLY not neccesary as I'm trying to get rid of stuff (exceptions of course are the center-cockpit sloop from below, or anything from my amazon wish list) Just come by and eat food. It'll be good to see you.

Not so much news, as a formal announcement of rumor.

I'm moving. Starting Nov 1st I'll be working at our company's nacent east bay office in downtown Oakland. I hope to be living in SF by January 1st, but we'll see. I have a lot of sorting, tossing, selling of my crap to do first. Also, I'm thinning the vehicle herd. As I'll be commuting for the first 2 months (maybe longer) I need a reliable, confortable vehicle to get from Petaluma to Oakland in. I'd rather not go for a honda (theft problems), but I'm open to suggestion, btw thanks Laurel for the 2CV idea, but probably not so good on the freeway.