Wednesday, December 19, 2007

First Night

DSC_1087.jpg, originally uploaded by ScottyJ.

Saturday we pushed hard, rented a Uhaul and got the first load of furniture to the new house. This was the initial trial Living Room setup, functional, yet lacking. But having 'our stuff' in the new house made this whole thing much more 'real.' It's hard to describe but both M and I have been noticing how much different we feel emotionally, semi-consciously, now that we have a house. More stable, more secure, more relaxed. It makes sense, but I'm surprised at the magnitude of the effect.


h. luv said...

house good. you need a house troll. i'll make you one.

loloro said...

more pictures! more stories!

we're going to ny jan 22 through 27 - want a doggy? if not, julie likes to watch him.

i still have your presents.

i also have a cold.