Sunday, December 02, 2007

Hinterlands has once again found a purpose!

As you might've guessed, this blog is going to be morphing itself into a house remodel/green products blog as we fix up our little old house. Yesterday was Day One, and Meredith and Sylvan got a lot done. Zelia helped out and I felt like I was walking around in circles bumping into stuff.

But in only 3 hours we filled up the carport with a pile of stuff to take to the dump. Hopefully today we'll get Todd's truck and get to make multiple dump runs.

Our goal for the first week is to get most of the interior painted, the carpets out, the attic insulation cleaned out in preparation for electrical work, and the yard and outbuildings cleaned out of junk and toxins.

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anonant said...

Rock and Roll!
Grandma and I have been remodeling our place for a few years, it sometimes feels like a labor of Sisyphusian nature. I shall lurk your blog and learn.